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Shipping Update!

If you placed an order between 5/11 and 5/15 then this applies to your order.  If you did not place an order between 5/11 and 5/15 then disregard this message.  This was during our Mother’s Day sale.  Many of you received a tracking number but your package has yet to move.  It still says USPS awaiting package.  Rest assured we didn’t forget about you.  This was a technical error which I will explain.

We use a system that automatically prints orders as they come in.  This allows us to ship 20% more orders in a day.  The Mother’s Day sale generated more orders than we have ever seen at once. Unfortunately our auto printing software and hardware couldn’t keep up.

This left us with quite a mess to sort through.  The worst part is, we didn’t find out until we started receiving order status updates two days ago reflecting the lack of movement in your packages.

Our tech team was finally able to isolate the orders that had a label purchased, tracking issued without a label actually printing.  Our entire  team worked through the night last night to make sure everyone’s order was packed and dropped at the regional sort facility this morning.  You should start seeing updates to your tracking as early as tonight but some might move directly to processing since they are delayed.  Those will likely update Monday.

If I were in your shoes I would definitely be frustrated.  We pride ourselves on our fast shipping and I can assure you the weak link in the system has been fixed.   We couldn’t be more thankful for your patience while we resolved the issue.

Everything has been taken care of and orders will start arriving soon.  There is no need to reach out to support as they are still replying to the messages received prior to this e-mail being sent.

Thank you for the tremendous support, patience and for placing more orders than we have ever seen.